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                    Need advice on medical books, medical journals, a medical dictionary or medical references? 


The Medical and Scientific literature is quite vast... 

Medical publications, medical books, medical journals can all be very expensive...

Finding THE medical book, THE medical journal, THE medical article, THE medical reference or a medical dictionary that corresponds to your specific            needs can be very difficult and time consuming

You may also need assistance in understanding the medical literature that you have just purchased or borrowed from a library or a friend

Leave this to the experts.

We shall make a customised selection of the medical publications, medical books, medical journals and medical references (including finding an adequate     explanation/definition for you in a good medical dictionary) that best fits your profile.


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                                                                                                  Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

                                                                                                      McGraw-Hill Bookstore

                                                                                                            W. B. Saunders


                                                                                                        Churchill Livingstone