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The Life Sciences and Medicine (the latter being a sub-section of the former) should be made accessible - and understandable - to all. This means that the presentation (whether passive or interactive) that you shall receive in reply to your question shall have to be adapted to your particular needs. This can take a considerable amount of time. For example, one simple question (Category C below) may require over one hour to prepare. Tutorials are much more demanding. 

We therefore charge a fee.

Fees depend on the category (A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I) of services we offer. 

For obvious reasons, we only process one question per category per form. Therefore please be so kind as to ask only one question in the chosen category.

Once your credit card has been charged for the appropriate category, we shall proceed to respond to your enquiry.

Owing to the considerable number of questions from many different countries, the minimum delay for a reply (depending on the type of question) is one day. 

Should you receive a reply from another site or knowledge base in the meantime, your question shall still be processed and there shall be no refund.  

The following fees - the currency conversion may have to be updated - are listed by Category:

Ideally, information and education should be free for all.



  1. Chat: 0 [euro] (i.e. free. Please note that chats are non medical).

  2. A definition: 10 (... USD) 

  3. A thorough, detailed yet passive reply to your enquiry (only appropriate for Focussed Academic Questions: 100 (... USD)

  4. Tutorial [Clinical] (interactive): Health Concerns (interactive) / Medicine (interactive) / Diagnosis Information (interactive): 250 (... USD)

  5. Tutorial [Academic] (interactive): step by step reply to a Focussed Academic Question (interactive) / Medicine (interactive) / Advice on Medical Publications (interactive): 250 (...USD)

  6. Annual Subscription (A to E above): 1500 (...USD)

  7. Online Course (interactive): 2000 /course (...USD/course)

  8. Master in Interfaces (One year course): 15000

  9. Doctorate in Interfaces (Three years): 50000 (Under review)

  10. InfoDiagnosis Foundation


We quite realise that in some regions of the world, even $1.00 is too expensive. 

Please understand that the services we offer require an enormous amount of work. No two courses or replies to a given question are alike. For example, an Online Course in Biochemistry for Student A shall not be presented in the same way as for Student B. Even a Quick Definition takes time because it must be made as clear as possible: this also depends on the patient's general background.  

We are therefore looking for sponsors and invite donations. These may in turn allow us to consider reduced fees for patients/students with limited financial resources.

Part of the assets shall be used for Medical Research and for database maintenance. 


Please double check the form before submitting it

Forms with the wrong Category cannot be processed and shall be returned.

We therefore encourage you to ask for advice as to which Category is the most appropriate for your particular needs before sending in the form. 

Please first refer to the note at the bottom of the preceding Medical Information Page

If you're still not sure, type in a "?" under Category (cf. below) and we shall tell you.  

We sometimes get back to you before processing the form to make sure that we have understood your question correctly. 


Let's take an example.

You would just like to talk to someone (on a non medical issue).... Choose Category A.

You may (or may not) have Multiple Sclerosis but would just like to have a quick clear definition of what it means exactly. Choose Category B.

You want a complete presentation/lecture on Multiple Sclerosis. Choose Category C.  

You may have a medical concern (not necessarily Multiple Sclerosis) and would like to have more information about your medical condition. On the other hand, you (or someone you know) have (has) been diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis but you don't really understand what this is all about. Clinical concerns are addressed through Clinical Tutorials. Choose Category D.

You may want an interactive course on Multiple Sclerosis. Academic concerns are addressed through Academic Tutorials. You may also wish to find a publication that you can understand on this particular (or any other medical) subject. Choose Category E.

You would like to ask any type of question (Category A to E) whenever you feel like it for one whole year. Choose Category F

You want a full accelerated course in, for example, Neurology. Choose Category G.

You wish to follow the course on Interfaces and read for the Master in Interfaces (M.I.). Choose Category H..  

You would like to sponsor this Web Site or contribute to the InfoDiagnosis Foundation. Please contact us directly or choose Category J


Important Notification

This is an online Medical Information and Education Center. If you need a medical consultation, please see your own physician. 

All information that we receive shall remain strictly confidential. 

It is understood that any person using the information obtained through this form shall do so on his/her own responsibility. We are not accountable for any misinterpretations or ill use of the information that a person receives in reply to the above form.

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